Mary's  Decorating rewarded

Mary and Henry receive 2009 St Regis Award

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Mary broke her right upper arm

 She was trying to quietly go downstairs without waking me up. As the tumbled from the top to the bottom, the impact made a hole in the wall and broke her upper right arm.  The irony was that I never woke up.

  She sat at the bottom of the stairs and started calling me. Eventually it did wake up. When I saw her sitting there, I assumed that she had just tripped near one of the last steps. She wanted to go to the emergency room, but I convinced her that the fall just bruised her. Hence the pain.
 I made her as comfortable as possible in a Lay-Z-Boy chair and went to sleep on the couch.

 Around 8 AM she informed me "We are going NOW". That was clear and it was "off to the ER". They X-rayed her and a heavy wrap later along with some serious painkillers we were home in the early afternoon.

 That was ten days ago. We ended up missing the wedding from Andrew and Maggie because the three hour drive to South Bend would not have been pretty.

 It is healing well as the xrays below clearly show. I like to say the progress was speeded up due my superior nursing skills. However, that would not be exactly the truth.

 It will take about two months before it is fully healed. We still plan to drive to Dominick near Minneapolis after the 4th of July and spend a week there as planned.
 The week includes a big picnic with the entire Marchetti family at Dominick and Chris's house. More on that to follow.

The Xrays

Mary Veldman decorations at St Regis Church - Click to enlarge 

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Continuing to Pentecost (Pinksteren)
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Christmas Manger
Creating Easter Eggs - One carton (12 eggs) for each of the 500 kids in School
Each egg contained an Easter symbol
That is 5100 eggs with an Eastern symbol on the inside (wonder how they get in there?)

Christmas Manger




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