Ottawa Senators Ice Hockey


Hockey Night in Canada

Ottawa Senators beat Buffalo (who had the best season record) to reach the Stanley Cup Final

Might Detroit meet them in the finals? Unfortunately, not this year

They are facing the Anaheim Ducks


Here is a response from north of the border
A few points of clarification:

- Don Cherry is an idiot. He has to get smarter just to be stupid.

- The Sens (Senators) have the cup in the bag. And on this there can be no discussion !!

- The last question remains:
Who shall they beat ? Your Detroit Dead Things or those Lame Ducks of Anahiem ???... ..
I'll leave that one to you.

Response from Detroit Michigan

Obviously the cold weather has a negative effect on clear thinking

We spell it as Anaheim, but who cares, they will not be there anyway.

If Detroit wins you have to wear a Red Wings shirt at the reunion next year

No need to tell anyone to wear a Senator jersey
1) They will not win
2) Their ugly shirts are considered contraband at the border and cannot be brought into the USA anyway
3) Just how many Stanley Cups have the Senators won OR how many times have they made it to the Finals
(Hint: The answer is the same for both questions)

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Unless you have CBC available, you will never know of the antics of this former player, coach and now announcer
(For you aliens CBC stands for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

I looked for a picture of the outfit he wore on Monday night : "Outrageous" is the only word that came to mind

By the way: Why would he wear a cowboy hat anyway (answer after the Stanley Cup finals)

Scramble in front of the goal
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Stanley Cup Tradition


The players and coaches names of the winning team are engraved on the Stanley Cup
They are then allowed to each take the cup home for a short period
It has traveled all over the world and has been taken to many famous sites click here
Just a couple of examples