Anne Ensing - Cory Givens

Latest addition - Alora Pauline Givens
Born April-14, 2010 at 7:50 AM at 7 lbs and nearly 21 inches long
Alora = ALice + theodORA (Great grandmothers on both sides)
Middle name after former neighbor Pauline Freitag ("third grandma")
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Christmas 2007 in Canada - Four generations of Ensing's
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Great Grandma
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Chris Ensing family
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Oma and Opa
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Corey and Annie
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The first FOURTH generation baby in the Americas

Harryson Donald Givens

Born 20-Jun-2007  10:10 AM

Weight 7 lbs 9 oz
Length 20 inches

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With Mama Anne and Papa Cory
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The proud Grandparents Karen and Chris Uncle Andrew
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With Great-Grand mother Dolly
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The wedding on Sept-3-2005 

The bride and the Groom
With Chris Saying the vows The parents
With Oma Dolly The dance Karen Entering the hall
Cousins Father and daughter dance Enjoying the evening What a cake
The next generation enjoys the polonaise and the crowd surfing

The Canadian Uncles, Aunts and Cousins - All of them came to the wedding
Mary Lou, Wilma, Diane, Elsie
All the boys
Rob, Mary Lou, Mark & Thomas Elsie and Joe
Claire and Simon
Rob and Mary Lou Wilma and Hector
Wilma and Hector
Ryan, Alex and Scott
Ed and Karen
Nathan and Derek
Carl and Mary Paul and Debbie
Melissa and Sidney