Dominick Veldman


Four first place metals in Tai-Chi individual competition in Minnesota

The Tai-Chi Master, his tools and his art work

His web site


 The over 200 symbols represent the movements and motions of a Tai-Chi sequence
The Chinese symbols were painted free-hand by Dominick and presented to the principal of the Tai-Chi institute

An impressive collection of Swords, Spears and Stage Fighting equipment

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The Year of the Boar The Symbol of the Institute Reflection Station Tai Chi Principles
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Dominick Veldman - 2005

Was one of the principals in a Tai-Chi show in Minneapolis, celebrating Chinese new year Feb-19
About 130 students participated in the two and a half hour demonstration

A DVD will be available in the future

Sword handling Sword fighting

Solo show of a self taught demonstration of Chain trickery (Do not try this at home)
My opinion: Dominick stole the show with his flawless performance!
Banquet at a local Chinese restaurant following the show
The guest of honor and his friend Chris  and Laura
David and Kim Marchetti - Dominick's friends (Henry's Godchild) Friends from work

Due to a surprising heavy snow storm, we finally made it home by 2:00 AM