Kristine and Tim Costello

Mary Costello run 300 hurdles for Marian High School

Kris found this reference to Enchanted Forest on a blog 

It should bring back many happy memories

Myself (Henry), I was never big on roller coasters and was quite satisfied with the "Mighty Mouse"
I remember it as a short, noisy ride with near violent turns


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Stacking all kids on the water slide - Take 49  - Loren - Willy
The Costello family version of Synchronized Standing
Interesting way to use the hillside, not very practical though Season and Tournament champions



The new champions

Jr. Irish results

Jr. Irish/Spirit 1, Warsaw/Wave 0: Gabby Veldman scored the winning goal and Grace Costello had 5 saves in goal.




Kristine Costello-Veldman Monica Thompson-Wynen

Grace Costello 

Clare Costello

To be added

Mary Costello

Elizabeth Costello

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