Heidi and Bruce Burnett


2006 Visit by St Nicolas and his helpers on FRIDAY Dec-1

The order for the chocolate letters can be placed by contacting last years hosts, the Bruce and Heidi Burnett family

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St Nick came to South Bend, Indiana
About 65 people witnessed the event
Included were some 30 children who sang the English version of
"Hoort wie klop daar kinderen"
Listen who is knocking
Listen who is knocking
Listen who is knocking at the door
It's a stranger maybe, who has lost his way
I will ask him for his name
St Nicolas, St Nicolas is going to visit us tonight
and then throw some candy for all the wonderful kids
St Nicolas, who knows all and sees all, hands out chocolate letters to the kids
Pictures taken by Denise Evans
Sophia Burnett (9)
Karsten Stolz (9)
Claire Costello (11)
Alyssa and Siera (7)
Michael Burnett (10)
Caroline Edmonds (1)
Johnny Wynen (9)
Alex Wynen (9)
Ellie Costello (11)
Catherine Edmonds (1)
Mary Costello (11)
Sydney Evans (10)
Josh Evans (11)
Mia Veldman (11)
Cole Evans (10)
Nalanie Wynen (9)
Aidan Veldman (11)