Monica and Kevin Thompson


Thanksgiving - Christmas - 2012
What happens when the Griswolds start to decorate your home
Especially when blow up characters are your favorites, NOT
So are the guests from South Bend or the hills of Kentucky?
Installing the Turkey Family picture of the still clueless hosts
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Christmas 2009
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Last European vacation before moving back to Wilmette, Illinois
Let's make sure we leave a good impression behind
Imitating History
Fran, Monica and Heidi
Just in Case
Frank cannot resist
2005 Update
Kate before bath
In the pool
Alex, Carter, Matt and kate
Family picture from the backyard deck - Click to see the background

Katerina (Kate) Sophia Xiang Thompson has arrived from China
and is living near Zurich, Switzerland with the Thompson family


Kate was born on Aug-25-2003

Fascinating facts of Switzerland
A study published in March 2004 names Zurich as the city with the best quality of living in the world (Geneva was second). Evaluation was based on 39 criteria
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Real Madrid plays benefit match versus Basel
You read "real Madrid" and thought of that as "versus UN-real Madrid" ? ? ?
Better go elsewhere

Monica and her kids went to see the match and saw players like
Carlos, Beckham, Zidane, Rivaldo, Cruz, Ronaldo, Yakin, Figo etc.
Zidane was awarded FIFA player of the year for the third time
Was that Monica's Christmas present to the kids?
Monica runs in the Berlin Marathon under 4 hours
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Select race : Berlin Marathon
Name: Thompson
Bib number: F6185

Happy 40th birthday


Directly from Switzerland

Kevin is employed by a British Co. - NTL which bought a Swiss company. The children go to a private international school very close to our home. Alex has taken to skiing and now can out ski his old mom (who by the way has become pretty good). We live approximately 45 minutes from a good ski resort (2100 m) and have attempted to ski every weekend we have lived here thus far.

We miss Chicago more than we thought we would, be know this will be a good adventure. Please come and visit soon, we have a little extra room in this house.

At the wedding of Michele Beidinger and Scott Irvin with Kristine Costello-Veldman (on the left)

Kristine Costello-Veldman Monica Thompson-Wynen

Denis Evans-Beidinger Heidi Burnett-Beidinger Monica Thompson-Wynen Renee Saar-Veldman

1986 - World all star soccer match at the Rose Bowl (Henry took the picture)