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Cancer walk Oct-27 in Howard Park South Bend

Each year Becci gathers a team of friends and relatives and walks in honor of her Oma and my Mother June Wynen. June was an extraordinary woman over coming many odds throughout her life and tragically left this world at the young age of 60 after courageously battling breast cancer for nearly 8 years. In June’s honor, and to help The American Cancer Society’s research to create a world without breast cancer we will be walking 5 Kilometers (3.2 miles) on October 27th and invite everyone to join us. (Just as note Notre Dame Football is away that weekend playing Oklahoma and we will complete well before kickoff.)

Please join us for a fun filled morning and to help raise money for a cure so more people will not have to suffer and more Mother’s and Oma’s can be with their children and grandchildren a little longer.

The link below that will take you to team “JUNES JEMS” lets beat Becci’s modest $1000 goal and all meet at Howard Park on October 27th in remembrance of June Wynen (Oma)


Bryan's birthday party Mar-2012
His cousin Peter from Holland came to visit for the weekend
So they decided to visit Henry and Mary before going to a Red Wing ice hockey game in Detroit (score 4-3 for the good guys)

More pictures to follow after the (surprise) party this Saturday evening at the Elks club in South Bend
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Bryan's Heart Surgery Successful
Bryan had heart surgery on 9-10-11 (actually Monday)

Surgery went very well as the doctors used their skills to repair his heart
They also removed an appendage in the upper part of the heart that could cause blood flow restrictions.
He will stay in the Indianapolis Heart Hospital for at least three more days

The most satisfying aspect was that he now has definitive proof that he has a heart.
We knew it all along, but to get it verified is quite rewarding.

Get well soon, Go Wings

Annual Breast Cancer Walk Saturday Oct-23-2010
Howard Park, South Bend 8:30 AM

Junes Jems

Please click here to participate

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Mount Zurich in Switzerland
At Geri's house in Holland
John Wynen grew up in this house
Before mass at Notre Dame, Paris
With the Thompson family at Versailles in France

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Sinterklaas in the USA

Karen Ensing (Chris) Teresa Veldman (Matthew) Teresa Wynen (Bryan) Bryan reached a magic number in his life and was rewarded with a giant billboard announcement in front of his business.

Click to better see how young Bryan (used to) look

By the way, the magic number was 40.


Diane Veldman, Teresa Veldman and Teresa Wynen (mouse over for who is who)

Karen Ensing (Chris) Teresa Veldman (Matthew) Teresa Wynen (Bryan) Bryan Wynen Matthew Veldman