Norman and Tammy Goris


Merry Christmas 2010
Norm - Tammy - Madeleine - Sophia - German exchange student

The Goris family near Nashville, Indiana (On Indiana State road 46 between Columbus and Bloomington)

Directions: Drive to either Columbus or Bloomington and make a telephone call to be picked up. It just makes it a lot easier.

 Mary and Henry together with Kelly and little Zack, used a Google and a Map-quest map to no avail. After four U-turns, looking for road signs that seemed hidden, we finally picked one of ten "Old Nashville Road" exits from Indiana-46. Just by chance and after numerous cell phones (cut short by "no-signal") we were met by Norm. The rest of the day was spend enjoying the hospitality of Norm, Tammy, Madeleine and Sophia. 

 The house is a near copy of the one that Mary and Hank owned while living in South Bend. The walk-in basement from the driveway is a faithful duplicate, including a diesel engine that is being rebuild. Several automobiles were available for spare parts.
 A hexagonal Florida room with a red brick floor has been added and that is where we spend most of the afternoon and evening.

 The kids showed us the farm side of the property and it included several chickens and two "ready for thanksgiving" turkeys. They also taught three year old Zack how to use the trampoline.

 The garden extended all around the house and included giant Hydrangeas and full size Hostas. In addition there was an abundance of plant and flower growth, typical of the moderate mid-Indiana climate

 Norm and I went to the Cummings diesel facility where he showed me the laboratories and test facilities of fuel injectors. The engineering that goes into manufacturing those units is amazing. In addition, Norm contributed several major computer programs to facilitate testing and production requirements. His programs are being used in Canada, Sweden and Mexico. He has several patents to complement his contribution to cleaner burning diesel engines.

The family: Madeleine
Tammy, Norm, Sophia
One of many animals
Eggs, scrambled or over-light
Happy Thanksgiving
The local gym

Perfect landing
Ready for winter
  Hoosier original
Spare parts
Another family garden
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At the in-law lake cottage in northern Wisconsin
Manawa home
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Carolyn Mary Tara and mark  

At Pete and Wilma's 50th Anniversary