Matthew and Teresa Veldman


Tennis is improving - they are now state champions in 2010
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Here are the details

1)     The St Joseph High School Girls Tennis Team Won the 2010 State Championship.  Bridget Veldman and her partner Elle Harding made up the #1 doubles team and were undefeated in the state Tournament. The entire team was awesome throughout the tournament winning the state Finals in a sweep, 5-0 over Columbus North.  In fact the team was an amazing 38-2 in the tournament, in what many might describe as a dominating performance.  The entire St. Joe team returns next year as this year’s team was made up of 6 Juniors and 2 Seniors.

2)     Bridget Veldman and her Partner Elle Harding qualified for the state “Individual” championships. They qualified by going undefeated in the state Tournament. Bridget and Elle finished 2nd, losing 4-6 4-6 in a close, hard fought match against a doubles pair from Carmel .  They finished with a record of 24-4. After finishing 3rd in 2009, and 2nd in 2010, they now have #1 targeted for their senior year.  Due to an early season wrist injury, Elle played most of the season without a “power” forehand which they were able to work around with special alignments and determined play.


Tennis anyone?
Bridget and her tennis partner Elle Harding (Lisa in the middle)

Bridget and Elle are undefeated in doubles play for St Joe High school in 2009
They will play for the state championship in June-2009
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Teresa turns 50 and guess "Who came to dinner"?

Abraham himself

A Dutch tradition: When a person turns 50 years, he/she will receive the wisdom of Abraham

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Who is he anyway?
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I think I played cards with him
Abraham and Teresa
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Renee, Cari and Lisbeth
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Diane, Renee and Cari
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Lisa, Teresa and Bridget
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Carrie and her dad, photographer Rob
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Lisa takes second place in doubles tennis

Stephen State debate champions

Hey everyone,

I just returned from Indianapolis last night.

Stephen and his Mock Trial team triumphed and are the 2005 Indiana State Mock Trial Champions.

His team of Juniors, “Rebuttable Presumptions”, won by 2 points in the championship round. Very close (2 point margin of victory – each team has a potential 110 points from 3 judges or 330 points). The championship round was against another John Adams HS team. They knew each other very well. It was very exciting. The pressure was unbelievable in the last round.

They will be going to Charlotte, NC for the national competition to represent the Hoosier State – May 4th thru 8th.

They do not receive the national case information until April 1st (They have to start from scratch with a new case). They do know that the case is set in a NASCAR theme (This of course makes ME very excited – Stephen’s team is more of a Rock n’ Roll crowd – NASCAR is not in their thing – Only Stephen knows who Dale Earnhardt was and that is only because he went to the Brickyard 400 last summer and got immersed).

Stephen represented the Veldman name very well. Therese & I were very proud of him.

Thanks,    Mat Veldman

Reunion 2003


Mat has completely recovered from his surgery, is back to work and busy with the kids, which includes soccer duties

Mat is scheduled to have open heart surgery on Tuesday Nov-5 2002

Wednesday Nov-6 - Operation was successful! The heart valves have been repaired.
Mat is ready to go home and go back to work (as soon as the doctor will left him)
More details will follow as they become available
He will be operated on in the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio. The intent is to repair one of his heart valves. If that is not possible then a heart valve replacement will be required. There is a 5-7 day hospital recovery followed by a 3-4 week recovery at home (needs to be chauffeured).
The official name is : "A near negligible leakage". It is considered to be a lifelong repair
 More details will be published as they become available


Steven Matthew Teresa Lisa Bridget

Stephen - 2002


Lisa - 2002

Bridget - 2002

Dianne Veldman (Rob) Teresa Veldman (Matthew) Teresa Wynen (Brian)

Bridget with Teresa

Bridget with Matt