Rob and Diane Veldman

The Count is up to Nine (9) - 2011

Well, I hadn't counted them in a while, and I found another one. 
I must have snuck it out of Metaldyne.

I am up to 9 patents, and I have at least one more pending; filed last October. 
Apparently, the other 5 applications have lapsed. 

Just think about it.  You can tell everyone that you actually know someone with Patents.



application US2010/0257737


Rob has more patents - The count is now at Eight (8)
I read the entire document and have no real idea what it is all about
My engineering degree has left me
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Differential Housing
G2-05-01-Patent7.png (63808 bytes)
Pinion Shaft
G2-05-01-Patent8.png (73177 bytes)

Rob Turned 50
Rob with Abraham and his wife With Daughter Cari
G1-04-01-Rob50.JPG (211627 bytes) G2-05-01-Rob50Cari.JPG (129902 bytes)
Talk about "Big shoes to fill" while visiting in Holland
Notice who is in the background
G2-05-01-DutchShoes.JPG (167317 bytes)
 Rob now has five (5) patents to his name. That is the family record

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Cousins Snow mobile weekend The kids    
Rob worked in Japan for 10 days and visited this Ferris Wheel in Yokohama

The height is 344 ft the letters are estimated at 25 feet
The highest Ferris wheel in the world measures at 443 feet in London England
Sorry Texas, the one you have in Dallas is "only" 212 feet tall

What do you think is the letter size?

Reunion - 2003 Click to enlarge

Aug-24-2002 Click to enlarge

Have camera, get pictures of your family

Snowmobiling in 2002 

The family in 2001

At Michele's wedding - Rob the photographer with Chris Ensing - Karen and Diane

Rob Veldman Chris Ensing Karen Ensing Dianne Veldman

Mary and Diane Veldman

Mary Veldman Dianne Veldman (Rob) Dianne Veldman (Rob) Teresa Veldman (Matthew) Teresa Wynen (Brian)

Winter is fun in Michigan

One of Robs hobbies                                   


This man has two patents to his name

Rob Veldman

Click to for details on his patent - Do not feel bad if you fail to grasp all the details