Jos Sesing

Twins in the Sesing family
Yvonne Sesing and Patrick Beugelink
The twins Amy and Fenna were born Nov 12,2010

Amy 2560 Grams and 44 cm

Fenna 2660 grams and 46 cm

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Jos Sesing Family
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Opa Jos and Maika
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Ingrid and Maika
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DSC07573.JPG (149497 bytes) DSC07562.JPG (110015 bytes) Yvonne and Patrick
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Jos Sesing with two colleagues (Ed Peters en Rene Rouendal). Just finished the “Omloop van Flevoland” on Saturday June 3.

A 170 Km ride. (a little over 100 miles) from Lelystad, via Almere, Zeewolde, Biddinghuizen and Dronten back to Lelystad.

Next tour The Jan Janssen Classic on June 17. A 155 Km  tour (almost 100 miles) through the hills between Wageningen and Arnhem

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Getting ready in Lelystad
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Yvonne to school in Zwolle

Yvonne is going to a beautician school in Zwolle She will be staying in Vollenhove with Marrie's brothers and sister.

Ingrid Passes Final Exam

Hup Holland Hup
Bad Parenting pictures
Vacation to Canada and the US
Using KLM from Amsterdam to Toronto
At Niagara Falls
At the Pinery picnic grounds in Ontario with
Dolly, Mary Lou and Henry

Next stop Detroit then on to South Bend
Greenhouse and Aviary in Canada
Tiger Stadium in Detroit (click to enlarge)
Jos climbing the fence at Hees The story
Circa 1959

The gate at the Veldman farm Hees was always to be closed using a child proof lock.

Tanta Annie (Aunt June) had found it open several times while Betty and Jos were visiting

Betty who was about four years old at the time, was suspected of opening it so Jos could wander around in the forbidden zone. She kept denying it, but how could she prove it?

June then decided to lay in wait with a camera to record Betty's dirty deed.
Instead she captured two year old Jos, climbing up the fence, unlocking the gate, climbing back down and calmly walking around the back of the farm.

Annual Bicycle race sponsored by the KLM and held in Limburg - Jos Sesing
Marrie and Rieka Jos and Ronnie
Yvonne in Aug 2003 Ingrid in Aug-2003

Marrie has had a bike accident

The recovery is progressing but it may take a full year
Marrie is doing well.
She was dismissed from the hospital last Tuesday (June 17, 2003).
Although she still has some pain from the chest and shoulder, she feels much better.
Today we will receive a wheelchair, so she will be a bit more mobile.
Yesterday Marrie had an accident with her bike.
It didn't look to serious at first according an eyewitness, but it appeared to be much worse.
Besides two little fractures (in the collar bone and the ankle) she broke her leg in three places (two in her knee and her splint-bone)
All injuries are on the left side.
She will have surgery today (time unknown yet)
I guess she will be in the hospital for the next 10 to 14 days (at least)
I'll keep you posted and will do it in English.


The two children from Jos and Marie - Yvonne and Ingrid 

with Grand-Oma Veldman on Sylvan Lane in South Bend Indiana - Summer of 1990

Yvonne Sesing (Ron and Marie) Grand-Oma Ingrid Sesing (Ron and Marie)

They have since grownup a lot