Sharon and Matthew Edmonds


2006 Visit by St Nicolas and his helpers on FRIDAY Dec-1

This years visit was made to the home of Sharon and Mat Edmonds.
He arrived around 7 PM in the evening. Although he knows everything, he had trouble finding the home of the Edmonds, must be related to his age.

 Preparations were made to insure a dignified welcome as the chidlren sang "Listen who is knocking" (the English version of "Hoort wie klop daar kinderen").

The chocolate letters were arranged for by last years hosts, the Bruce and Heidi Burnett family \

 Below are some of the pictures as Sinterklaas spoke to each of the nearly thirty (30) children. As you can see, he is universally adored and he is considered a "gift from God".
 That sounds familiar, but I still have a hard time figuring out who he looks like)

Listen who is knocking
  or  Hoort wie klop daar kinderen

Listen who is knocking, listen who is knocking, listen who is knocking at the door
It's a stranger maybe, who has lost his way.
I will ask him for his name

St. Nicolas, St Nicolas, is coming to visit us tonight
and through us some candy somewhere in this house

 Translation by Mary and Henry Veldman (around 1977 in Osceola, IN)

Pictures made available by Denise Beidinger Evans

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Cole Evans
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Sydney Evans
Catherine Edmonds
G2-01-04-Nick-04-Catherine.JPG (52838 bytes)
Ellie Costello
G2-01-04-Nick-05-Ellie.JPG (48572 bytes)
Jordan Wynen
G2-01-04-Nick-06-Jordan.JPG (55100 bytes)
Madison Veldman
G2-01-04-Nick-07-Madison.JPG (46193 bytes)
Sophia Burnett
G2-01-04-Nick-08-Sophia.JPG (41618 bytes)
Lucas Veldman
G2-01-04-Nick-09-Lucas.JPG (41790 bytes)
Alex Wynen
G2-01-04-Nick-10-Alex.JPG (55670 bytes)
Grace Joines
G2-01-04-Nick-11-Grace.JPG (43754 bytes)
Aidan Veldman
G2-01-04-Nick-12-Aidan.JPG (43609 bytes)
Mia Veldman
G2-01-04-Nick-13-Mia.JPG (47652 bytes)
Kate Burnett
G2-01-04-Nick-14-Kate.JPG (48246 bytes)
Denise Veldman
G2-01-04-Nick-15-Denise.JPG (55581 bytes)
Alyssa Veldman
G2-01-04-Nick-16-Alyssa.JPG (38583 bytes)
Josh Evans
G2-01-04-Nick-17-Josh.JPG (50680 bytes)
Michael Burnett
G2-01-04-Nick-18-Michael.JPG (53351 bytes)
Kate Thompson
G2-01-04-Nick-19-Caroline.JPG (61136 bytes)
Zachary Crowe
G2-01-04-Nick-20-Zachary.JPG (49991 bytes)