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Item from the Wall Street Journal April-2011 - Dave's Denver restoration project
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Merry Christmas - 2008
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Colin came in 7th in the USA at the NCAA Nationals on June-2008 in Des Moines  throwing the Hammer.

He had to throw a personal best throw of 219-7 to move from his standing going into the meet which was 11th to get to 7th.

This gives him All American status.

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David will ride several stages of the Tour de France

A special promotional tour offered by Trek bicycle company (Lance uses their bike). The tour allows experienced riders (like David) to ride large segments of various Tour de France stages.

 David will ride his first etappe from Dijon France on Friday July-8
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Colin Veldman awarded full athletic scholarship from the University of Oregon (The Ducks)

Colin is currently 13th nationwide at the collegiate level and 26th Overall. He excels at three events

Discus - Hammerthrow - Shot put

He currently is Junior College State Champion in California

At the last meet he contributed 30 of 55 team points

His best hammer throw to date is 213 feet, 220 allows him to qualify for the nationals

Look for him at the 2012 Olympics! (Henry's prediction)


David Climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - No pictures so far
Who else in the family climbed this high? Tom and Tom
Colin Receives Sports Scholarship at Utah State

Recent Red Wing competition (The Avs beat Detroit)

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News from the house of David

Colin Veldman, oldest son of David Veldman has received a full scholarship at Utah State University.

According to David:

Colin did receive a full tuition scholarship to Utah State which is in Logan, Utah. It is a great little town about an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City. He is a standout in throwing. Discuss is his specialty and he also throws shot put. Colin is a big kid. He is 6'-5", +/-260 lbs. and all muscle. It has been a long time since he and I have wrestled. I expect he'll have a record setting senior year before he heads out to College. I am, of course, thrilled and proud, as this opportunity has truly given him a focus not just on athletics but also on maintaining the grades needed to be NCAA eligible. The folks in Utah promise to take good care of him in every respect.

Tom and Dave operating heavy equipment in 1957
under watchful eyes from Wilma and Connie