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Marchetti Wine in Bigfork Montana
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Angela's hometown Tocco in Italy John & Judy with daughter Libby
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On Wednesday morning 25-Nov-2009, John Marchetti passed away at the age of 53

Cancer was detected in Feb-2009 and aggressive treatment kept John with us until Thanksgiving
Funeral arrangements are set for Tuesday in Oakdale with a burial following at the Snelling Air Force base in Minneapolis

Great memories are below

The "All Marchetti" soccer game ~2003 in Minneapolis, MN, completed without major injuries

Standing : Dan, Jim, Gino, Mike

Kneeling : John, David, Henry Veldman, Dana (Mike's wife)


Who are the Marchetti's?
Roland and Angela Marchetti along with their six boys Dan, John, Gino, Mike, Jim and David, lived next door to Henry and Mary Veldman in Derby, Kansas. Although at first they were somewhat suspicious of the Hippy looking neighbors moving in next door, we became the best of friends. Five of the boys played soccer in the local program and were always helpful with the many projects that Mary and Henry were involved in. 

 Marchetti number six, David, is Henry and Mary's Godson. He was born on the heaviest snow storm in 50 years and a special military vehicle was needed to take Angela to the local Air Force hospital for the delivery. The event made world wide television news and Angela's family in Italy saw all of it on local TV, not knowing the story was about one of their relatives.

 They now live in Oakdale, MN, a suburb of sunny St. Paul Minnesota 

Visiting with the Marchetti family in Minnesota in 2001
Parents Roland and Angela taking charge at the barbeque 


David and Family

Show and tell - The Middle Wife
Gino Marchetti selected as teacher of the year in Minnesota
Gino Marchetti was selected teacher of the year in Minnesota for the year 2003. Gino has taught grade school for the last thirteen years and currently is teaching third grade
 The next level of the competition will be for the "National Teacher of the Year". It will be held in Washington, DC in the spring of 2004. In preparation for the final round, he was asked to list the five reasons why he became a teacher. Rather then creating a list on lofty goals that would be expected from him, he asked his third grade class for help. Here are the top five reason that the eight year old listed:
 5) To play kickball with their class at recess
 4) To tell bad jokes to the class
 3) To have a captive audience to tell stories about when he was a kid himself
 2) To feel young again
 1) Teachers really want to listen to stories of how the dog ate their homework


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(Some of ) The Derby Soccer Teams

More Derby soccer memories

Relaxing at the Marchetti home - click to enlarge

David, Kim and family

Winter 2004

Summer 2000 - Henry with his God-son David Marchetti and Kim (expecting with Gemma)

More Gemma in 2002