Henry and Mary Veldman

1965 - Wedding in Thorntown, Indiana   

2005 40th Anniversary

1990 Triple 25th Anniversary - Fran and Frank, Willy and Joyce, Henry and Mary- A Dutch tradition

2010 45th Anniversay                  


Mary's Parents - Elizabeth and  Harold Endres

Mary and Henry

Henry's Parents - Elizabeth and Bernard Veldman ----   Click below


 Best man was Nick Munning (the third) PCMD - see if a Google search gets to this page

Memories are made of this
(song by Dean Martin, 1956)
The first time my wedding ring was lost
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G1-12-Wedding-Couple.jpg (18106 bytes) Wedding Party
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Mary's Parents
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Henry's Parents
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Important instructions: Say "Yes" The church service
Nick Munning  - Henry's roommate
Janet Peddicord - Mary's roommate
The newly weds
Using Willy's 62 Checy Flower girl Maureen Wynen
To be added

Elizabeth and Harold Endres (Mary's parents)


Wedding Announcement

After 25 Years - click to enlarge

25th Announcement