Henry saw Abraham in Aug 1991


The Dutch tradition continues

 There is a tradition Holland that suggests that when a person turns 50 years of age, he/she will be visited by Abraham himself who is to impart all the available wisdom to the birthday person.
 It has been played out many times in the family and Abraham is usually someone who has already been visited by the old prophet himself. In this case, Dominick at the age of 16 was considered sufficiently wise to fill his shoes. In addition, none of the Dutch relatives like Pete, Al, Ben Willy or Ted were available to carry out this tradition.

 On that that morning in Aug, Katie who worked with Henry at AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group), was exceptionally slow and for several really dumb reasons could not be ready on time. This meant that we both would be late to the office, not a habit to get into. Whatever I said, none made a difference, we were going to be late.

 Little did I realize that it was all part of a greater scheme: In the office area my colleagues were busy decorating my office in "black". A black cover on my desk, the chair, etc, etc. In addition they all were wearing black outfits and a matching black name tag. All to further the notion that the day's mood was to be closer to a funeral atmosphere than a birthday celebration.

 So, when we finally arrived there was not a single person to be seen in the office. Perfect, no one would realize that Katie had arrived late (she was on the clock). I opened my office door and there was the entire staff, cramped in the available space. Playing cemetery-like music on a radio. The singing of a happy birthday song was accompanied by tears and loud wailing.

 Happy Birthday !!!

 It was quite a show and we all had a good time. Around lunch time there was another surprise for everyone there (except Katie again).

 Mary arrived with Abraham (Dominick). The tradition was explained to the staff and Dominick (I mean Abraham) read the words of the wise from an ancient scroll. A cake was served and all was well.

 Best birthday ever!

Pictures from the archives
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What is AIAG

 The Automotive Industry Action Group was formed in the 1980's by executives of the Big-3 (Form, GM and Chrysler). It's purpose was stated to "Streamline business practices between Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers"

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