The 17th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise Aug 2011 - Numbers?
Where - On 8 lane Woodward Boulevard between Detroit and Pontiac - 15 miles long
Spectators - 1,500,000 (over three days)
Participants - 50,000 - Anyone with a Classic car or an Interesting thing on wheels
Dominant cars - Mustang, Chevy, T'Bird, GTO, Cadillacs and Corvettes
Features - Mostly Convertibles and Hot rods

Also several Studebakers

Music - Beach boys, Jan & Dean (Little GTO) and

Elvis Presley (who decided to leave us on my birthday 35 years ago)

Taste of my Music
Remember when gas caps were cleverly hidden? I saw all of them

More pictures

2011 Cruise pictures

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I cruised in a 1923 Ford "T Bucket" owned by Chip's father-in -law Doug White
It took over three years to assemble the car in his garage
It receives smiles and "thumbs up" as we drove up and down the 8 lane boulevard of Woodward
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Alternate route?
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The owner
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Local judges
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1966 Mustang Shelby GT - Owned by Henry's friend John Cervenak - Click for full view

Taking a deserved break from Cruising
Stop and go traffic of vintage cars across four lanes is very taxing

My colleague and friend, John Cervenak

65 Mustang and ??
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Park at the hotel
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A real Studebaker - saw only two of them

A view from the center lane on Woodward

His license plate was - VVROOM

A German Amphibious automobile

Supercharged Corvair - Safe at any speed

Got to to love the early 60's Chevy's

Ford and Chevy side by side

42 Chevy from Ontario
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