Cameroon Can-Do Project

Unloading the container in Yaounde Cameroon
Bikes - Boxes - School Supplies- Village Supplies
Driving to Can and arriving at 3 am in the morning - Celebrating the arrival - Storing the boxes (temporarily outside)
Building a school - Group pictures
The inside of a school in Cameroon  
The three destinations for the container contents are:

1) A school and orphanage in Kan, a small village about three hours traveling south west of the port of Douala.
2) A convent with several schools seven hours north of Douala.
3) A seminary in Doula.

The logistics are challenging since not all the roads are paved and the monsoon season may have started by that time. Local help is expected to be available and plans are being made to rent several trucks for transporting the goods.

The Weather
Container tracking

Expected arrival in Doula, Cameroon is end of March

Just where is it?

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Janvier Wopoule was a visiting seminary student from the village Can in the Cameroon.
He was ordained three years ago in the Detroit diocese and remained to get his masters degree in counseling.
He has been a resident priest and counselor at St. Regis in Bloomfield Michigan.

The Can-Do project was started several years ago in the St Regis parish to help the village of Can rebuild their church and school.
The church had lost its roof in a monsoon storm - $100,000 was raised and it was used to rebuilt it
The original school, build with local standard building materials consisting mainly of bamboo, mud and straw, was damaged beyond repair - so far about $120,000 has been raised of the total of $195,000 that is needed.

Mary Veldman started the Container part of the Can-Do project
She and other people tirelessly contacted individuals to donate supplies for two schools and general items for use in the village Can

Here is a partial description of the over 550 boxes that are now in a forty foot container destined for Cameroon.

200 School desks, school chairs, file cabinets
42 Bicycles
2 Pianos
Electric Generator with six cordless power tools (brand new)
Five (working) computers

 School supplies, books, paper, pencils, crayons, binders, folders, backpacks
Sewing material, clothing, shoes, sandals, personal hygiene supplies, dry laundry soap, blankets
Hardware (nails, screws), tools (hammers, saws, pliers, etc), toolboxes
Garden tools of all kinds (Shovels, spades, rakes), wheelbarrows
Sports equipment (Soccer balls and shoes, basketballs)
Two tables for table tennis, basketball hoop with stand
Moving dollies and carts

Etc, etc.

Lesson learned: We are surrounded by generous and caring people.
Another lesson learned: Next time we should do this in the summer and not in snowy January.

  Father Janvier
Mary and the workers
Loading the trailer
Henry and Janvier
  The school project The "School"
(or what is left of it)
The challenge