Henry and Mary Veldman

1965 - Wedding in Thorntown, Indiana   

2005 40th Anniversary

1990 Triple 25th Anniversary - Fran and Frank, Willy and Joyce, Henry and Mary- A Dutch tradition

2010 45th Anniversary - Group Pictures and Building of the Archway
        45th Anniversary - Dominick, the grandkids and the Pat and Gretchen McKernan family
        45th Anniversary - The Deck party


The grandkids and Dominick and The Pat McKernan Family

Pictures taken by their garden corner
Rue Dominick, Maggie's Corner, Eion's Patch and Morrigan Straat

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These pictures were taken on Thursday and Friday before the deck party
Spend a lot of time in the garden, adding gold fishes and Koi to the pond
Pat and Gretchen McKernan (Tim's family from Brighton, MI) came on Friday evening
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