Henry and Mary Veldman

1965 - Wedding in Thorntown, Indiana   

2005 40th Anniversary

1990 Triple 25th Anniversary - Fran and Frank, Willy and Joyce, Henry and Mary- A Dutch tradition

2010 45th Anniversary - Group Pictures and Building of the Archway for the Sapphire anniversary
        45th Anniversary - Dominick, the grandkids and the Pat and Gretchen McKernan family
        45th Anniversary - The Deck party

Building the Arch at the entry
A Dutch tradition - Materials used are lots of evergreen and paper flowers (now artificial, they last through rain)
The installation was a complete surprise, I never expected that the arch would travel the 3-4 hours from South Bend.

By the way, I was the only one clueless. To get me away from the house Mary told me "I need someone with me to the grocery store that can think clearly". She has never accused me of being able to do that before. I fell for that line as well.
They were waiting in a parking lot about 1/2 mile from our house and as soon as we had left for the grocery store, they came in and started building the arch.

It is good to have family like that, we are truly blessed


Why a 45th you might ask?
My response: Why NOT!!
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