40th Wedding Anniversary pictures

Main On the Bridge On the Deck Mary-Dominick-Dolly Garden Nestle


1965 - Wedding in Thorntown, Indiana   

2005 40th Anniversary

1990 Triple 25th Anniversary - Fran and Frank, Willy and Joyce, Henry and Mary- A Dutch tradition

2010 45th Anniversay

Saturday Aug-6-05 we celebrated our 40th on our deck, in the house and in the garden (of course)

The actual date was Sep-11-1965

My secret to a successful marriage: Marry Mary
Hopefully, her secret is: Marry Henry

Did you know that:

We met on a blind date
My Best man Nick lost my ring and I got married using brother Willy's ring
It rained on our wedding date

I worried about not understanding my father-in-law
He asked Mary: Do you understand him when he talks, I don't

Papa never had a chance to talk about the birds and the bees.
The party was at Mary's farm house in Thorntown, IN
We danced to a record player with LP's from my collection
The number one hit that summer: (Can't get no) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

We went on our honeymoon to our one-bedroom apartment at Purdue

Our wedding - Sep-11-1965
My favorite picture from that day
Willy and Joyce Aug-7-1965 Fran and Frank Jun-19-1965
Our 25 th Anniversary