Willy - Joyce (Baginski) Veldman


ND Woman's National Basketball Final in Indianapolis
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2005 - Latest attraction - Swimming Pool - Kris - Loren



Collecting for Misericordia in Chicago

Veldman's Service Center       Shop has been repainted

He started as a cute kid - Wielie Manneke

The cute one - not the one with the glasses


Willy Veldman Joyce Veldman Loren Veldman Julie Veldman Tod Veldman Tim Costello Kristine Costello-Veldman

Vacationing in Bochum, Germany in 1958 

  Willy (Notice cast on leg) Henry Bart Clerx Anita (German friend near Munster)


On Sunday night Bart Clerx and Henry left to go home because Ted needed help on the farm. Willy was injured and Henry "volunteered" to cut the vacation short. After a six hour bike ride, we arrived back in Didam and following a two hour rest, started to drive the tractor with the binding machine to cut wheat.