Riet-Mary - Hank Goris

Mary in 2006 at the lake

Hank return from Germany after hip Surgery
 Hank had part of his hip replaced by the son of the German doctor who did the original surgery about 20 years ago. His recovery period was spend in a near spa environment. Visitors included his wife Mary, as well as Marilyn and Norman.

 One of the highlights was attending a ceremony at which his doctor was recognized for his outstanding contributions to medicine. The evening was made even more special because his father (the original surgeon) was also in attendance. The fact that the proceedings were in German did not distract from the event.

 Hank is expected to fully recover. He is assisted by Mary and a set of crutches, the later will be relegated in several months to the basement collection of Goris artifacts.


1956 Wedding in Canada (click)


2002 At the 50th of Pete and Wilma (click)


A special picture from the 50's

Hanks flight training in the 50's

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With Fran at the Hees lake in 1946

As bridesmaids with June