Hanks flight training in the 50's


Hank Goris, as a member of the Royal Dutch Air Force, participated in a NATO sponsored training program for Fighter Jet pilots in Texas from 1952-1953.

Upon completion, Hank returned to Holland to help defend the country against foreign invasion.

While on flight missions, he used to buzz the Veldman family home "Hees" with his fighter jet, whenever he had a chance.


Here are several pictures from the Goris archieves

The pilot training photo Ready to fly In the Cockpit
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When a pilot forgot to lower the landing gear upon landing, he had to carry a tire for an entire week
He had to wear it in class, while in the mess hall (dining room), while going to the bathroom, even to bed
Hank NEVER had to wear the shameful tire
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Hank piloting one of the business jets at Kimberly Clark in the 70's which is located in Neenah Wisconsin
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Dutch newspaper report (translation in progress)

Hank with one of his military fighter airplanes and his Air Force buddies