Theresa Veldman  April-27-1930 - February-19-2016

Through my mind goes thoughts of soccer, caroling and picnics
My heart remembers a woman who gave advise on adoption that no one else could
But my stomach thinks of a big old steel Dutch pot of Nasi Goreng
Some people give you memories you never forget
Thank you Aunt Theresa
How about sledding behind the tow truck
Then going in the house for hot chocolate - she would have it piping-hot
We still greet our kids in the morning with a hearty
"Vell, Goot Morning"
Beautiful memories of a family centered and generous heart
Loved the best Dutch pancakes.
Three people at the time
Yes, I didn't think of that
Uncle Ted would drag us around and give us cuts, bruises and torn clothes
Aunt Theresa would bribe with the hot chocolate to not tell our parents what really happened
From the Coenen family in Holland
In Holland we also have many good memories of aunt Theresa and uncle Ted.
Luckily we also have some pictures to remind us of the time they lived in the Netherlands.
When we were little, we often were at Hees.
It was usually crowded with family and other people who also loved spending time there.
We always stayed with Theresa and Ted when we visited South Bend and they took great care of us.
We will all miss Theresa, tante Trees, very much.

Pictures will be added as they become available
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with MSA Soccer jacket
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