Ted - Theresa (Minkhorst) Veldman


Ted's 80th Birthday - Feb-2013
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Family in 2005
Christmas caroling
The annual Veldman Christmas caroling will be held at the home of Ted and Theresa Veldman
 When: 7:00 PM Friday Dec-26-2003
Bring a dish to share
 Click for map (Is there anyone who actually needs a map to get there?)

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Jennifer Veldman Wayne Veldman Austin Veldman Teresa Veldman Bernadine Veldman Wylette Veldman Ted Veldman

As Zwarte Piet with Ben as Sinterklaas (about 1945)


At the wedding of Scott and Michele (Beidinger)

Elvis lives ! - (Click)


Ted Veldman Teresa Veldman Wylette Weaver-Veldman Bernadine Veldman

The early years with older brother Ben

Ted (on the right) disguised as a farmer (click)

The real soccer player Ted on the far right kneeling - (click)