Veldman Auto Parts

Veldman Auto Parts - Modern day recycling

The office, garage and warehouse facilities have undergone extensive remodeling. The front office and sales area have been completely rebuild and reflect the modern day recycling business in the automobile industry. An attractive facing on the building invites customers into a spacious sales area. There are eight sales stations, each with there own computer terminal to access the entire inventory of slightly used automotive parts.
 An adjoining area is configured as office space, computer room and employee cafeteria.

 The garage and warehouse has been reorganized to allow for car disassembly and assembly in a comfortable climate controlled atmosphere. Endless rows of engines, transmissions, front ends, car doors, starters, alternators, fuel pumps, tires, wheels, etc, etc. are awaiting new owners.
 All are tagged and the location of parts are stored in the computer for instant retrieval.

 Indoor and outdoor storage racks are shown below

South Bend Tribune Article
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Remodeling has been completed
Front Office


The new owners and Ted
Surrounded by parts
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Indoor storage of thousands of car parts, ready for usage
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Outdoor storage
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