Ben - Florence (Jaworski) Veldman
Final Update Jul-16-2005
This morning Ben lost the battle with cancer and passed away in peace
He may have lost the battle with cancer but he he convincingly won the battle of life.

When one reflects on one's own life there are usually moments that you wish to correct.
 I do not believe that was the case with Ben.

 I will remember him as a person that simply was capable of only having good thoughts and he made decisions accordingly.

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Visitation will be Wednesday Jul-20 from 2 to 8 PM at the Hahn Funeral home on 8th and West St. in Mishawaka (Across the street from the St Bavo church parking lot)

The funeral mass will be Thursday July-21 at 10 AM at the St Bavo Catholic in Mishawaka.
 Following the burial at the South Bend Cementary (where Opa and Oma are buried) there will be a luncheon at St Bavo's

Update Apr-19-2005

Hi Everyone,

 Again I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. Please continue praying, because the cancer has returned.

 The only thing that can help now is a miracle and that's what we are praying for. The only help the doctors can provide is a treatment to shrink the tumor which also might reduce the pain.

Update July-9 2004

Hi Everyone!
First I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my health!  Last week I had a cat scan and this week I received an excellent report from my doctor. He was so pleased with the results. For those of you who don't know the odds I have been fighting, we were told that pancreas cancer wants to come back. The first year about 95% get it back and  90% of these don't make it. Again the second year is also very risky so the doctor wants to continue the chemo schedule for some time. I was hoping he would reduce the chemo but I gladly oblige. But there is no trace of anything and I am doing fine. People tell me I am good looking, Sorry I mean I look very good.  I'm cutting my own grass again and enjoy doing it. Because of the chemo I need extra rest. Thanks again for your prayers!!!! And a great big thank you goes to the best caretaker my wonderful wife Florence!
Ben Veldman
PS Please continue to pray also for our granddaughter Olivia. She is doing well but needs another year of treatment.
Sorry it took a while to get this out.


Update - Jan-22-2004

Hello dear friends

Ben had a procedure done today at the hospital because he has a large blood clot in his leg and one traveled to his lungs.  Dr. Ansari said he really should be in the hospital but didn't want him there because there are so many "bugs" there and he didn't need any more trouble.  So we went to his office or hospital everyday for a week for an injection of Lovenox in his stomach.  Such a sexy purple polka dot stomach!  He also has been on Coumadin since that time to thin his blood

Today he had an "inferior vena Cavagram IVC filter" placed in his main artery. They went up through the groin area.  This filter will stop any additional clots from traveling to his heart or lungs. Praise god for all these new advances.  Ben is doing fine.  Thanks for all your assured you are all in ours.

God bless,

Ben & Florence

Update - Jan-12-2004

Dear Friends:

    Just thought we would send a brief message to let you know about Ben's progress.

He had a CT scan on Monday, Jan. 12th, to check on the tiny spot that showed up on his liver on the CT scan two months ago in November.   The CT scan this time was on his chest, abdomen, and pelvic area.  After the CT scan, they asked us to sit for a short time while they checked the scan.  The nurse came to us and said Dr. Ansari, our Oncologist, wanted us to come right to his office.  We were prepared for the worst because we actually had an appointment the next morning with him to find out about the CT scan.   

       Well, the news was good......and bad.  Good news was that the spot on his liver was still there but had not enlarged at all!  Praise God!    The bad news was that Ben had a blood clot in his lungs which is quite serious and they started him on medication to dissolve the clot.  Today, and everyday for a week, including Saturday and Sunday, he has to go to the Doctor or Hospital for a shot in his stomach.  He also is taking Coumadin starting today to thin his blood.    Another bad news is that Dr. Ansari wants to keep Ben on Chemo for another 6 months to prevent any more cancer.  They are still not sure what the spot on his liver is, but if it is the beginning of a little tumor, the Chemo has really kept it in check.  We thank God that the Chemo is so friendly to his body.  Except for making him very tired, it does not make him sick.   I guess with God's help we can get through this.  Please keep him in your prayers.

      Now for our Granddaughter, Olivia Rose.   She is also doing quite well.....such a happy and delightful little girl.  The Chemo that she gets(an all day affair) every three weeks is starting to make her a little sicker each time as she gets more in her little body.  She will get the Chemo until March.  Then everyday until June she gets steroids twice a day.  Once a month until June she gets a 4 hour IV of's called IVIG. Please keep her in your prayers also and her mommy, Maria.  The other day she took her mommy's face in her little hands and said, "Mommy, I'm feeling very fragile". (She was really feeling very sick and irritable and that was the way she expressed it)

      God Bless You all and Thanks for all your prayers.   We keep you all in our prayers and in our hearts. 

       Love,   Ben & Florence

Operation on Pancreas successful

Hi Everyone,

I just want to let everyone know that DAD is home. Visitors are welcome but please call first before you come. Dad is very tired and still very weak. All of your prayers are still needed so please continue to pray for Mom and Dad. Phone calls are welcome but please do not call right away. Please give Dad a couple of days to rest and then you can call him. God bless all of you and thank you for your prayers and concerns. I will keep updating all of you as time goes by and feel free to call me anytime if you have any questions.

My phone number is (574)256-0521

Love you lots, Emily

Hi Everyone, Sunday June-15

I thought I would let everyone know that Dad is doing very good. He is eating a little bit today. If he continues to do good it might be that he will be able to come home on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. Please continue to pray for all of us because it really helps. God bless everyone and have a wonderful day!



Thursday June-12
Looks like dad will be in the hospital over the coming weekend for his
birthday and father's day. He is in better spirits and having less pain. He
is able to walk around more and his color is improving.
If anyone in the family would like to stop in for a visit, dad would enjoy
seeing you.
Hopefully, he will be going home early next week, but we don't know for
Keep praying for Mom and Dad!
Love, Maria
Sunday June-6 

Dad is doing very well and he is eating a little bit. He has also been taking little walks up and down the hallway at the hospital. He is still very tired and weak. Please keep all of us in your prayers. I will keep all of you in contact as soon as I hear of something again.

His phone number is (317) 274-9233

Information provided by Emily Veldman

The surgery went very well. They did some biopsies around the tumor and as far as they know there is no sign of cancer anywhere else.
If anyone would like to send a card to Dad the address is as follows.
Ben Veldman
Indiana University Hospital
550 N. University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5200
Room 3752 Bed 2

Information provided by Emily Veldman

Dad made it through surgery without any serious complications.  He still has lots of IV's and tubes in, but given his major surgery, he's doing well. 
Dad really isn't quite ready for lots of visitors. He is still having a lot of pain and not ready to socialize. Please call if you are thinking you would like to visit and I'll be happy to update you. Certainly, once he is ready for visitors, you are welcome here if you need a place to stay.
Also, his room number has been changed again--he's in room 3752.  Of course, cards and letters are very welcome.
Please pray for a continued uncomplicated course for him!
Maria Stanley (Veldman)
(317) 577-2860


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