Al and Elizabeth (Mosterman) Veldman


The first Annual Rotary Award
The Award Winner is ...
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Immediate Family
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Extended Family
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Elizabeth's 80th Birthday Party
A photo from the fifties - The birthhome of Lisbeth Veldman-Mosterman
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2006 - Saar-Fest and Holland trip combined
Al celebrated his 75th birthday in North Carolina
Pictures of water fun in NC
Brenda - Shelly
Carrie, Brenda, Shelly
Rob-Diana family
Expert at relaxing
The main Organizers
Practicing Posing
Nice Bike
Pictures in NC in the condo
Al looking good at 75 So do Elisabeth and Rob Family dinner Poker Al Veldman style
with Cari
The couple
Elizabeth Relaxing
Brenda, Sam, Cari and Shelly
At home in Indiana
Al and Elizabeth Elizabeth and Hollyhocks With the girls German Pope makes changes
Florida is prepared
In memoriam - Jan Welling - My best friend
2003 - Family picture (taken during the reunion)

2002 - click

2001 - Saar fest

Renee, Brad and Zachary Saar Matthew, Teresa, Steven, Lisa and Bridget Veldman Rob, Diane, Cari and Shelby Veldman Lauren Saar Richard and Schyler Veldman Elizabeth Veldman Al Veldman Brenda Veldman

Family at 2000 Saar fest  -   Al with the boys and Girls



Renee Saar-Veldman Matthew Veldman Brenda Veldman Lisbeth Veldman Richard Veldman Al the Toolman-Veldman Robert Veldman Diane Veldman Cari Veldman Shelby Veldman

In 2001 at Michele's wedding

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