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Ben Sesing Operation

Update Wednesday May-9-2007

The final report came in from the doctor : Congratulations, it is NOT cancererous

What a great birthday present for Rieka
Update Thursday April-19-2007

Ben has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.
He is feeling well and is the food is tasting very good (always a healthy sign)

Laboratory tests determined that the growth was benign
No cancer was detected

Update Monday April-9-2007
They have removed most of the internal growth. Part had grown into some of the surrounding organs (pancreas and intestines) and could not be removed.
 Further laboratory tests will be conducted to determine if it is benign or not. Results should be available later this week.

Operation is scheduled for the morning of Thursday Apr-5
He is expected to be in Intensive Care for about two days
Fell free to check with Riek anytime (during Dutch day time hours, EST + 6 Hrs)

Further updates will be provided by Jos Sesing as they become available


25 Year Zonnenbloem
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Birthday and 55 th Anniversary Picnic
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Tim, the OLDEST in his generation The Sesing backyard gathering at
Rieka's 75th Birthday
Leonie and Ilse   The Female Sesings  
50th Leaving Church Dolly and Riek Great smile Angel presentation
Het Gat van Veldman in West Bloomfield Riek Ben The American connection

Great Grand Parents - click to enlarge

Family picture in 2003

Ben Sesing had an operation - Here is the update provided by Jos
The operation went far better than expected.
He only spent one night in the hospital and was Friday back home.
The plate they removed and the screws appeared to be quite loose and relatively easy to remove.
Nevertheless the operation toke almost 2 hours and at the moment we don't known if the rehabilitation really will take the expected three months.
Dad has good hope that it will take only half that time.
The plate itself has been confiscated by the surgeon for studying or so. According Dad it was one of the first of it's kind used in those years. So it might even end up in some private museum or so.
Anyhow, everything is going very well, considering the circumstances.
Most recent update - Aug-26-02
The operation on my Dad was because his leg was hurting him. Walking became more and more difficult.
About a lifetime ago my Dad broke his leg and he got a plate inserted to keep the bone parts fixed.
This plate was most probably the cause of all pain.
The only solution was to remove that plate.
You can Imagine that the expectation was that a lot of bone would have grown around the plate.
The plate might be imbedded in the bone, covered with bone or whatever.
That was the reason that the surgeon was very reluctant to operate.
But there seemed not other solution.

2001 - Family picture

Ben Jr and Rina Sesing Gerdy and Albert Hahn Ron Sesing Ben and Riek Sesing Eddie de Ruyter Annet Sesing Marco de Ruyter, Emke (ex vriendin van Marco) Marrie and Jos Sesing Patricia and Bas Bechtholt Bettie de Ruyter Ilse Sesing Gijs Sesing Yvonne Sesing Ingrid Sesing


Ben Jr Sesing Rina Sesing Eddie deRuyter Ron Sesing Patricia deRuyter (Betty-Eddie) Betty deRuyter-Sesing Marco deRuyter (Betty-Eddie) Albert Hahn Marrie Sesing Jos Sesing Riek Sesing-Veldman Ben Sesing Gerdy Hahn-Sesing Ingrid Sesing (Jos-Marrie) Yvonne Sesing (Jos-Marrie) Ilse Sesing (Ben-Rina) Gijs Sesing (Ben-Rina) Annet Sesing (Ben-Rina)

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