Ben Sesing passed away Sunday 28-Oct-2007 at 16:15 
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Dying in peace, that is:
With a heart at peace you can close your eyes

With confidence we say goodbye to my loving husband, our dad, Opa and great Opa

Bernardus Gerardus Geertrudus Sesing

Born in Doetinchem, 15-Nov-1926  Died in Creil, 28-Oct-2007

Riek Sesing-Veldman

Bennie and Rina
Gijs and Leonie

Gerdy and Albert

Bettie and Eddie
Marco and Angelique, Ashley
Patricia and Bas, Tim, Sven

Yvonne and Patrick
Ingrid and Daan, Maika


Dad is now home.

The funeral will take place on Friday 2-Nov at 10:30 AM in the St. Michaels church, Pastoor Koopmanplein (address) in Emmeloord

He will be layed to rest at the cemetery in Creil

You may say your goodbye at the church after 10:00 AM


Ben Sesing turns 80 years

Here are the pictures
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This was an interesting section of the background
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More pictures provided by Gerdy and Albert
PICT0618.JPG (67028 bytes) Family tree
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Inviatie - Click here for English translation

Op woensdag 15 november hoop ik 80 jaar te worden

en wil dit samen vieren met Riek.

Op 19 november willen we bij elkaar komen in het

        Poortershuis te Creil,

                  Van 14 uur tot 19uur

Om dit te vieren met kinderen,klein en achterkleinkinderen,

Familie en vrienden.

We beginnen met koffie met gebak ,borrel en tot besluit een buffet.

Jullie zijn van harte welkom.

Met vriendelijke groet Ben Sesing. 

Mocht u onverhoopt verhinderd zijn graag even bericht doen voor 16 november telefoon 0527274374.


Free translation to English

I hope to reach the 80 year mark on Wednesday Nov-16 and would like to celebrate together with Riek.

We plan to get to get together on Sunday, Nov-19 at the Poortershuis in Creil from 2 to 7 PM

 We would like to celebrate this with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as with our extended family and friends.

 We will start with coffee, cake and a drink of choice and conclude with a buffet dinner.

 You are more than welcome to attend

 With warm greetings, Ben Sesing

 If you cannot attend, please send a greeting by Nov-16 or call 011-31-527-274-374