Dolly Ensing - Veldman
Memories of the Labor day weekend wedding of granddaughter Annie and Corey
With her Daughters The male side of the Ensing family With brother Pete
The Family in 2002 - click to enlarge

The kids in 2002 - click to enlarge

With Riek and Ben in Holland

With Jack and Dianne, Hend and Gerry in Holland

The Family in 1993

Ed Ensing Mary Lou Perquin-Ensing Elsie Woodgate-Ensing Dolly Ensing Dianne Bodkin-Ensing Carl Ensing Anne Ensing (Chris-Karen) Paul Ensing Karen Ensing Chris Ensing Wilma Morrison-Ensing Ryan Morrison (Wilma)) Andrew Ensing (Cris)

1974 - Ready to go to Niagara Falls

Henry Veldman with Donna and SueAnn Kraus (Foster Children)

Harry van Pannerden - Dolly and Pete (1928)

Dolly Ensing-Veldman Harrie van Pannerden Peit Veldman