Wilhelmien Veldman - Hend Coenen - Gerrie Jansen

To Hend turns 80 years young

To Wilhelmien and Queen Beatrix (1981)

The Coenen family in 2012  - Jose -- Maya  -- Marc  -  Nannie

Hend Coenen Passed Away

A memorial mass for Hend Coenen will be held on

Saturday December-5 at Christ The King church at 8:00 AM
Church is located in South Bend on US-31 at Auten Road (North of the Toll road)

Followed by a family breakfast at the residence of Pete and Wilma Veldman

Pictures from the vault from Wilhelmien and Hend

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Wedding 1954
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25th Anniversary
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The family in 2007

Calendar collage
Pictures from the archives - click to enlarge
Guests at the Coenens circa 1991
Hend and Gerrie - 2003 - click om te vergroten
At Hees 25th Anniversary Wedding Wilhelmien
Maya as a baby with Nannie and Jose  


Coenen and Sesing gathering circa 1982

Jose Coenen and Jos Brand Gerdy Sesing Albert Hahn Betty, Eddie, Marco and Patricia Ron Sesing Cas Coenen Nanny Coenen and Hans Brand ?1? Marc Coenen Maya Coenen Sas Gerard Theyssen ?2?

Nanny being comforted by her mother Wilhelmien

Can you tell me where this picture was taken?

The Coenen family in the early sixties (click)

The 1970 Dutch connection - click