!965 Picture taken shortly before Fran and Frank's wedding in front of Opa and Oma's house in South Bend

Last row: Unknown, Opa Veldman, Ome Jan Veldman, Unknown, Tante Wilhelmien, Ted Veldman

Second row Includes kids (mostly) in front of their mothers:
  Florence holding Jullianne, Maria in the front
  Mary Goris with Carolyn and Marilyn
  Wilma with Connie, Sharon and Audrey
  Tante Anna with Robert, Matthew and Richard in front of her
  Oma Veldman
  Unknown Lady with Five children
  Fran Beidinger (no kids yet)
  June Wynen with Maureen, Bryan and Monica




At Pete and Wilma's House in the Early 70's

 June, Willy talking to Florence, Frank talking to Ben
 Wilhelmien, Joyce - Fran talking with Ada Kruis

  Opa, Al, Ben, Frank, Oma

  Little one is ??