Teed Veldman and Moeke Van Kesteren Family from Pannerden

The Bernard and Wilhelmien Veldman family are double related with Teed and Moeke Veldman

There were four kids Harrie, Piet, Theo and Lard (note how the names are repeated in our family)

Pictures received from Piet Veldman (Theo's and Aneleis's son) in Dec 2010

The Veldman Family from Pannerden
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The brothers and their wives
Piet-Leen - Lard-Lies - Theo-Anneleis
Dated about 1976
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PannerdenDuiven.JPG (59656 bytes) Pannerden
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Piet and Leen Wedding
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Piet and Leen 25th Anniversary
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Piet and Leen 50th Anniversary
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The Children from Theo and Annelies
Wilma and Renee Panneren family
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Piet and Jose family Rene and Christien family
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