What is the Dutch Polonaise all about - By Jonathan Wynen

Is it  Holland or The Netherlands


Gen1-Birthday & Anniversaries

Joyce Veldman-21-Jan
Wilma Veldman-22-Jan
Mary Goris-23-Jan

Ted Veldman-24-Feb

Pete Veldman-4-Apr
Mary Veldman-13-Apr
Teresa Veldman-27-Apr

Florence Veldman-7-May
Riek Sesing-9-Mei

Al Veldman       16-Jun

Elizabeth Veldman - 15-Jul

Pete&Wilma      30-Aug
Henry Veldman 16-Aug
Willy&Joyce        7-Aug

Henry&Mary       11-Sep
Fran Beideinger 10-Sep
Frank Beidinger 23-Sep

Hank Goris 10-Dec
Willy Veldman 30-Dec

--- 2009 Christmas ---

-- 2009 ---
Rajiya Weaver #135
Willem Goris #134

--- 2008 ---
Wesley Wiseman #133

--- 2007 ---
Isaac Sniadecki # 132
Elenor Wiseman #131
Alex Crowe #130

Harryson Givens #4

--- 2006 ---
South Bend Aerial
India Well Project
Lillie Veldman      #129
Ben Sesing at 80

Frank at 70
Monarch Butterfly
Kris turns 40
NariMee Toenges   #128
Al and Lisbeth 50th
Pete at 80

Feb Updates
Cameroon Project
Jan Updates

Virus warning
Super Bowl Detroit

--- 2005 ---
St Nicolas in South Bend

Nov Updates

Chip's Wedding

Crowe Family
Baby Mia Veldman   #127
Oct Updates

Al celebrates 75

Hank Goris hip Surgery
Annie's Wedding
Rob's Patents
Ted's Family
Weekend in Roanoke
Lisa tennis star

Sep Updates

Hend turns 80

Yvonne in Zwolle
Morrigan to school
Maggie  in Roanoke
Andrew to school in Ohio

Aug Updates

Gerdy's final report
Tim & Sven update

2016 Family Weddings etc - Listed to (hopefully) avoid two weddings on a weekend
Family Picnic
Saturday Aug-6-2016
South Bend, IN
Jul-19 (Family-5)

Kalamazoo, MI
June-24 (Family-4)

in Holland
  Wilma Veldman

January 22, 1927 - December 12,2016
Carsten Stoltz - Marathon
Mary Costello
  Theresa Veldman

April-27-1930 - February-19-2016
South Bend Wall of Fame
Gravitational Waves

Rose Veldman

South Bend Ignite
Bike from Florida to California
1950 Photo of Mama
  Pete Veldman

April-4-1926 - March-3-2014

Blow Up Turkey
Woman of the Year
Marcia Veldman.jpg (9695 bytes)
Ted's 80th
The Knack

Bumblebee Video
Marion Win
Coenen Update
Iron Man
IronMan2.jpg (193692 bytes)
St Joe Goalie
Laeto Loco
Patricia and Stefan
Roanoke Visit
Roanoke1.JPG (2713990 bytes)
Elizabeth 80th Birthday Party
Bumblebee Transformer
Lauren - Athlete of the year?
Pre-Birthday Party
Dominick and Chris

Albert Hahn

Dec-20-1951 - Feb-6-2012
State Final
Zack's Lego
25th for Bernie&Pam
Bryan's Surgery
Ice Hockey Star
2010 Dinner
Woodward Cruise
Womans WC 2011
Katie Publication
Finally - Spring
Jacob Barnett Genius

12-year old
IU - Purdue student

Math at its finest

David the UniCycler
Dave's Project
ND Game
Marchetti Wine
Rob Found

more Patents
Rotary International

Polio Plus
Veldmans from Pannerden
6 to 8
Black Men

Katie's Blog
Norm and Tammy
McKernan Christmas
Mike and Diane
Chip and Melanie
Volleyball Champion
Alaska Trip
Raj and Sierra
Christmas Caroling

Tuesday Dec-21 7 PM


Todd and Julie Veldman

Simply Awesome
Amy and Fenna

Crying for joy
Mary&Henry - Sapphire
Ted&Theresa - Golden
Brian and Ashley - Wedding
Brenda in Florida
Ted and Teresa hosting 50th Anniversary Picnic Saturday July-24-2010
Henry & Mary
45th Anniversary Deck Party
Saturday Aug-28
Ed and Karen
Austin Veldman
Battle of the Bands
Holland did not win, certainly NOT
because of the more than 60 supporters at the house of Heidi and Bruce
From as far away as Wisconsin (Dominick)
Can you spell "Holand" ?
Hup Holland Hup
Laat the leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan
Soccer Gnomes
Go Holland, they Beat Brazil 2-1
and Uruguay 3-2

Next is Spain for the Cup
Junes Gems

Annual Breast Cancer Fund Raiser
St Joe Champion

Alora Givens
Andrew & Maggie
Riek in the 1950's
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Beautiful Birds
1965 Family picture
Katie' Pictures
When Henry saw Abraham
Mary's family
1990 25th Update
Snow Country

CHE and DE
1977-2009 Snowstorms
Hollywood Squares
1979 Pictures
1975 Soccer Team
Andrew Beidinger

Passed away
6 to 8
Black Men

Katie's Blog
Hend Coenen Passed Away

28-Nov-2009 Please remember him in your prayers
Dominick - Iron Man

John Marchetti

Passed Away
Breast Cancer Walk
Lies Helder

Passed Away
Birthday Concert
Dream Cruise
Maya turns 50
Sidewalk Paintings
Curious Photos
Garden in Osceola, WI
Dutch Immigrant

American Entrepeneur
25 th Pictures
Grandkids Update

Mary Breaks Arm
4 First place medals
Rajiya Weaver